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Arrived today! Orin McMonigle, Millipeds in Captivity.  Will crack it open tonight.  Spent most of the day working on heating and making faux rocky ledges for a new snake viv.  Snake is a male Bogertophis subocularis (I think that is spelled correctly) Trans Pecos rat snake.  Have wanted one forever.  They are not particularly expensive but they can be hard to find in the wild type, not morph.  Scheduled to ship whenever Memphis area flooding recedes enough for safe passage.

Anyway, my book review so far:  Beautiful photos!

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I have the same book as well it is a good read, I'm sure you will enjoy it. It will definitely help me with my AGB's coming in a month or so and pink legs that I will get next year, it's nice to see another reptile keeper that keeps arthropods, I am currently building a large 12 to 13 monitor cage system. All cages will have misting systems and my dumerils monitor will have a fully functioning filtered pond and it will be heated as well, I'll be picking up a pair of Biak green tree monitors, and a pair of white throat monitors at the end of the month, I may post pics of the build in hear of arachnoboards. I may also get a pair of black tree monitors before the year is over.

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Wow.  From what I understand, monitors are supposed to be the most intelligent of the reptiles, and are responsive to their keepers.  Would love to work with an ackie some time in the future.  The electricity use required to keep them warm, vit D'd, and content is my main concern. 

Finished the miliped book.  Very good.  Would like to get all the titles by this author.  Right now, next book on the way is The Complete Suboc (something close?) by Dusty Roades (Rhodes??).  I purchased a Trans Pecos rat snake last week (arrived yesterday), and DID research, but apparently there is more to good care for these "rat" snakes (not true ratties, in the Bogertophis genus, not Elphae (spell?)), than the basic on-line care sheets inform.  The all-rodent diet may not be the best for them.   Anyway, from I've been able to gather, this guy is supposed to be THE expert on this particular snake, so that book took precedence in this month's budget.  Husbandry first.  If I *have* to get into anoles, or similar, just to feed the snake, well so be it.  :)


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