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Possible prolapse

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Hi guys :)

I am coming to you with a sad suspicion. I think one of my females has a prolapse. It looks like a little yellow-ish bubble sticking out of the end of her abdomen.

One of my other roach ladies had the same problem and died rather soon after. So... I just want to be prepared I guess.

I'll post some pics too, so maybe you more experienced roach owners can confirm or deny?


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Yes that looks like a small prolapse to me. I've had this happen to four of my roaches (hissers) - always female and always related to giving birth. In two cases the prolapse was quite large and looked ruptured and the females died soon after (within a day or two). In two other cases the prolapse was small and not ruptured, and the females both lived - the prolapse shrivelled up and either fell off or was "reabsorbed" by the female (not sure which - I left both in the colony in the hope that they would survive, and did not see them for a few days, and when I saw them next the prolapse had disappeared). One female is still alive after about 8 months, and the other died of old age a few weeks ago. The good news is that the prolapse in your photos above looks more like my two females that survived, it does not look like the prolapse is ruptured and it is quite small, so you may be lucky and she might well survive and reabsorb it. I would say leave her alone and check on her in a few days to see if it has disappeared.

The only thing about my two females that survived is that I don't think either could carry an ootheca to term afterwards - I saw them both aborting oothecae several times afterwards and in one case her oothecae were always misshapen, which I assume was a result of some non-fatal internal damage from the prolapse, so you may find that if she survives she won't be able to breed afterwards. Hopefully you have other females in the colony though?

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Thank you for your very quick reply :)

I'll have to see how she is faring in a few days. Her bubble looks still intact, the prolapse of the other roach was rather big and seemed "leaky".

I guess I can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

And yes, I do have other females in my colony. Both adults and nymphs :) So we'll all be fine if she's out of baby-business.


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On 9/14/2017 at 3:59 PM, hundefrau said:

I have a sad update to make. I think the prolapse has gotten bigger and maybe even ruptured? I did find a little "puddle" of yellow-ish secrete at one point of the box (where she likes to hang out).

So... I think I might be losing her soon :(

Dang, so sorry about that. :( Hopefully she can recover, you never know...

3 hours ago, Matttoadman said:

Do males do this. I gave my niece three male hissers and one has something similar to this that's been hanging out for two weeks. Looks like a noodle.

Kinda, sometimes male genitals get stuck outside the body after mating, usually just small tubes, probably from being interrupted while mating, either from their owner's actions or from other males trying to get in on the action. Sometimes the tubes get retracted or fall off and they are OK, other times the damage is more severe and they don't last too long.

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I've got another update on her and good news (I think?) :D

The bubble is gone completely and her abdominal opening looks like before too, nothing stuck in there (the other female had visible...residue stuck in her opening). The bubble started to shrink down after a few days. She is active and eats well!

So I am optimistic!

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That sounds similar to what happened to my two females that survived, eventually the prolapse completely disappeared and their abdominal openings looked normal, so I think you are right to be optimistic. The only thing I would still keep an eye on is (being a bit delicate here!) whether she can still defecate properly. I think the only other thing that could be fatal to her now is if her gut has been damaged by the prolapse and she can't get rid of her waste food properly, but if the prolapse was small, didn't burst and it has now been fully reabsorbed, and she is eating well, it certainly sounds like she is more likely to survive than when you posted your last update :)

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I think you just have to watch her doing it to be honest! Though I think if she is unable to get rid of the waste you might see her abdomen getting excessively fat and I would imagine she would show obvious signs of distress if her gut is full and she can't empty it.

However it's a good sign that she is eating well a week after the prolapse - I would have thought she wouldn't be if she had gut problems. I would leave her another week or so and see if she is still eating well and looks active and not distressed. If that's the case I'd be very hopeful that she has made a full recovery :)

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Long time no see...

I was actually gonna make a post stating how well my once prolapsed female developed. While I did not see her defecate, she was mobile and energetic.

But now she's done it again :/ This prolapse is about the same size as the first one. There was what looked like a deformed, flat ootheca stuck to the little bubble, like she was trying to get rid of that and accidentally shat out her inner organs again.

I hope she can manage the miracle again and survive, but my hopes are slim.

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