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Eublaberus sp. “Ivory” / biolleyi (IvoryHead Roach) as Cleaners?

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I like these Eublaberus ivory-headed roaches, but mine took a long time to reproduce, so I might have to buy some more for projects if you think the following will work.
  1. Will they eat snake excrement in a bioactive substrate? (Yuck, I know.)
  2. Will nymphs survive in substrate if it drops down into the 50's F?
  3. Do they produce males and females approximately 50/50, or do they produce more of once sex than the other?
I have springtails and isopods, but I like how these ivory-heads will aggressively churn the substrate and quickly show up underground wherever there's a food source.
Would anything else eat snake poop without flying or climbing walls?
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Ivory’s are good cleaners, I know Kyle from roachcrossing recommends them for compost bins, (I know there is a name for composting with roaches but I can’t think of it) I don’t know how much of each sex they produce frankly I don’t think it matters to much because you can cull the extra males, im getting a pair of white throat monitors for breeding reasons:D so I’d be willing to take any extra males (or anyone’s extra males for a cheep price) because these guys are going to eat a ton. As for low temps they may survive I know tarantulas can survive in the 50s. I bet they would eat the snake poop but personly I’d just use isopods and spring tails so I wouldn’t stress out the snake to much 

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On 10/3/2017 at 9:37 PM, Centipede Uncivil said:

Eublaberus are voracious eaters... I'd be concerned with them nipping and pestering the snake tbh.

Yes, but the ivory-heads are notable for not chewing on wings like the other Eublaberus; so I didn't think they would nip snakes either. A large population could be rather pushy, but I was considering culling most of the adults. 

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