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My Little Collection So Far


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Honestly, even though I've been interested in inverts for a good few years, I never really imagined keeping so many inverts so soon. But of course life has a way of throwing curve balls for sure! I'd like to joke "do bugs, not drugs", but admittedly invert keeping is an addiction itself. My first few bysotria rothi and my bad influence of a friend became like a gateway drug (and dealer!) into an ever-expanding collection, and it's only getting better.


Here's my current list, and future acquisitions, and of course the "happy accidents" and surprises that happened along the way.

  • Byrsotria rothi [Everything started with my friend showing me the Roach Crossing website, and one day in college suggesting Bysotria rothi. Shortly after that I got my first 5. I don't regret a thing. I owe so much of this to her...she's the one who got me into Eurydactylodes and inverts, and I can't thank her enough]
  • Paratemnopteryx couloniana [Feeders for the eurydactylodes]
  • Blapitica dubia [Accidental new colony after my dumb geckos decided not to eat them, so I now have 25+ nymphs and nothing to do with them]
  • One blaberus craniifer [A happy accident that hitchhiked into my isopod culture]
  • MANY porcellio scaber morphs [The result of said friend introducing me to Captive Isopoda]
  • Porcellionides pruinosus "orange" [Gorgeous isopods, and an unexpected free gift from Alan]
  • Trichorhina tomentosa
  • Springtails
  • Rice flour beetles [For the future sphaerodactlyus notatus trio]


And as for reptiles, I have a eurydactylodes vieillardi and eurydactylodes agricolae. The one's I'll never shut up about, heh. These were also a suggestion by my friend a couple years back, and I never forgot it. She's also the one giving me the notatus soon. Noticing the trend here? She's a real riot, and a huge influence on me. She's been a very kind and wonderful friend to me, and she's the one who got me into reptiles I never imagined having, roaches I never planned on, and even my strong interest in tarantulas. While I don't have any of those yet, I'm very excited about getting a few of those someday too. c:

All of this may not seem like much to people with big collections, but I still feel like it's sizable, and it's only getting better! Soon I'll be getting little kenyan roaches, and I'll start culturing fruit flies for the future micros too. I also have two extra nano vivs for a couple more micro gecko species. I'll also be getting more p. scaber morphs at some point, and might fiddle with culturing a few bean beetle cultures, if the microgeckos like them and I'm fine with dealing with them. And of course I'll be getting tarantulas one day. We're even going to a reptile show on the 4th, and I know people will try and peddle me Ts like they did before...but this time I might actually accept the offer, lol.


And of course here are some pictures of the current collection. Yes, it's primarily by my bedside. It's the best I can do right now, lol. But after the gecko's stand is made, as much as I can get to fit will go in there.





Top to bottom: roach gaskets, b. craniifer's future enclosure, springtail culture. rice flour beetle and isopod 6 qts. b. rothi enclosure, which still needs more cork and loads of leaf litter. springtail culture--the stuff on top of southern palm bark.


And that's that! Here's to the future, and many more inverts and reptiles to come. Still, I'll never get more than I can handle or have the space for, and I'll be as responsible as I can be. c:

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Nice collection, looks like you are a proper addict lol! :P Haha my mom made a similar joke, saying she was glad I was into "bugs not drugs", though bugs are still very addicting, and take up a lot more room than drugs! :lol:

Your enclosures look nice and natural, lots of bark, love 'em! :D

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