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If you had a 40 gallon long for inverts....

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3 hours ago, Allpet Roaches said:

Lubbers are relatively simple, there are some articles on keeping them in older invert-mags. However, Brachystola aren't easy to get hatchlings from. 

I'm very curious, what methods did you use for getting hatchling and which were you at least a small bit successful with?

Kyle Kandilian and (likely) I are going to be trying to get captive-borns from B.magna and will be experimenting with giving the eggs a harder diapause to see if that encourages hatching. Any insight from your past experiences with their egg incubation would be much appreciated. :) 

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If you haven't filled the tank...


Darklings darklings darklings darklings darklings! Maybe put some Therea or other diurnal roaches with them, as desert darklings apparently do fine on wood and leaflitter and you can give the roaches a moist area. Or maybe put one of the less-secretive millipedes in there as tankmates too. Millipedes look like elongated darklings to me, though I haven't kept any. I've gotten a black cf. Calosoma (also day active) put in the Zophobas adult cage by accident before and they did not get eaten, but I would be very, very cautious with the carabid if I were you, since darklings are rather expensive on bugsincyberspace. 




(yes, desert darklings can be diurnal)




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