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Wet spots in enclosure


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Hey, you guys :)

I have a question that is probably a stupid one. I noticed on several occasions wet spots on the egg cartons that I have in my enclosues.

Now, I know roaches don't really pee but defecate their waste out. I mostly saw the wet spots after the dominant male had chased away a contender and where the dominant male was sitting before (before attacking).

Is this some kind of dominance behaviour or to mark a territory?

Thank you in advance and sorry for such a dumb question :wacko:

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Here's something to think about

Liquid-feeding insects like butterflies and true bugs generally have liquid "excrement". Some insects able to eat solid food can also produce liquid-only waste products, but I have only seen this in Cotinis mutabilis. Most solid-food-eating insects, however, sometimes produce wet but solid droppings which sometimes cause stains.

Even if the stains you saw had no dropping in the middle, it is possible that the wet dropping eventually dried up and fell into the dirt.


AlexW, former "guest"



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