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How long do A. tesselata take to harden up after their final molt?

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I've had my first A. tesselata adult show up today, and he seems to be in good health. I'm wondering how long it takes these guys to harden up completely, though. Overnight or longer? 


Here he is, newly molted. He's hanging on the sandstone background, and that's a petroleum jelly "no domino roach escapes allowed" barrier right above him.



Threeish hours later, he was moving around and had crawled onto a magnolia leaf, so I picked the leaf and his exoskeleton up for this pic. He then proceeded to demonstrate their calm nature by crawling onto my hands and wandering around. I've put him back in the tank with some blueberries, and he's currently nestled down into the leaf litter. 


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Yep, overnight was enough!


Such a calm roach, very easy to handle. He did nibble on my hand at one point to see if I might be food, but he stopped when I tapped him, and he didn't try to jump or fly away at any point. Only darted around to hang out underneath my hand at one point when something startled him.

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