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Kyle getting back into business

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I just read on http://www.roachcrossing.com/major-life-updates-unanswered-e-mails-facebook-reboot-future/, that Kyle is getting things back in order. That's good news, especially for Kyle himself! I didn't know what had happened last year, but knowing know after reading his message, it has been quite a lot. 
Well, I wish Kyle all the best (and perhaps we should not swarm him with roach orders :) )!  

Kyle: if you happen to read this: Take you time, and I wish you all the best! 

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Thanks so much for posting that link! I'm jumping for joy right now. After some major life events, I only just got back into the idea of starting a roach collection. Just yesterday I finally checked out For the Love of Cockroaches (I suggested my library purchase it... and they did!). So seeing that Kyle's back in business seems like a sign :)

Kyle: You don't really know me, but I'm so glad you're back and am looking forward to getting in contact with you!

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7 hours ago, Krissim Klaw said:

Are people actually getting responses to emails at this point?

I've been trying to order for over 6 months and put in a couple emails since he supposedly started taking orders again but am still getting the same radio silence as before.

Did you use his old email or his new email address? He no longer responds to his old email. 

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On 5/12/2018 at 9:41 AM, Cariblatta lutea said:

Did you use his old email or his new email address? He no longer responds to his old email. 

I've been using the gmail one.

It wouldn't be so frustrating if it weren't for the fact the window of safely shipping insects is quickly closing in my area as the temps go up. I don't want to have to end up paying $30+ to overnight with ice packs in a couple of weeks when I could have safely ordered something now via priority.

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