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Thanks to the community :)

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I just wanted to give a quick thank you to those in the roach hobby! I don't feel so alone in my interests and if I didn't know where to get such good advice then I wouldn't have ever gotten my roaches! Now I have 11!

(Gromphadorhina portentosa males:





(Blaptica dubia subadults:

•Mercury [suspect female]

•Venus [suspect female]

•Mars [suspect female]

•Jupiter [suspect male]

•Saturn [suspect male]

•Neptune [suspect male])

{ I know some of those names are after male gods for the suspect females but I like for the names to match :P}

{p2: I didnt want to name a roach Uranus even though its not pronouned as Your-Anus but actually Yerr-En-Us but still}

(Blaptica dubia nymph:


{I know Pluto isnt a real planet but this little guy is so tiny and adorable!!!}

I am pretty confident in my research and care taking methods but it's nice to know I can call in some back up if needed! Im not sure if this is the right part of the forum to say this in but still! Thanks a lot!! :wub:

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42 minutes ago, Buggedout said:

Dang Emmet! We should exchange babies when we get decent breeding going on! 

i laughed really loud at the "dang emmett"! and yes thatd be awesome!

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I love that I'm not the only one naming my roaches. After awhile it's not feasible to name 1000s, but I still have my favorites — mostly aggressive male hissers I've had to pull from colonies, like Red the male A. insignis who just emerged and was about to receive the full wrath of Goldie, the reigning male. There's also Wickwicki the last surviving member of my P. vanwaerebecki hybrids and Fuzz, the last of my G. oblongonota hybrids who is currently battling a fungal infection. 

They all have such unique personalities... it's hard to not get attached. :)

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It's an addicting hobby, I've got far too many to name and I like it that way lol. Once yours start breeding you'll see what we mean! Tens of thousands are hard to keep track of. XD

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