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How many roaches per bin?

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In your experience, around how many do you think I can keep in their bin? I'm thinking of a colony with adults and mixed size nymphs.

These are my current colonies.

Eublaberus posticus in 56 qt = 14 gallons

Ellipthorina javanica in 32 qt = 8 gallons

Pycnoselus surinamensis in 20 qt = 5 gal

Panchlora nivea in 20 qt = 5 gal

Shelfordella lateralis in 20 qt = 5 gal

Lately, I have been thinking of getting other species and if I do, I would house them as followed (I'm not saying I will get all of those, but I would still like to know). So, same question as above.

Gyna centurio in 20 qt = 5 gal

Blaberus discoidalis in 20 qt = 5 gal

Eublaberus sp. Ivory in 20 qt = 5 gal

Blaptica dubia in 20 qt = 5 gal

I don't expect an exact answer but any educated guesses are more than appreciated. Thanks guys!

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Easiest way I look at it is for burrowing species that aren't super sensitive to overcrowding(so every burrowing species you listed except the centurio) when the substrate is about 50% roaches to 50% actual substrate it's time to upgrade, for terrestrial species I mostly just go with when they look cramped, which is obviously subjective but basically if to you it looks like they are sorta just piling all over eachother it's time to give them more room. For winged species another good indicator of not enough space isn't if you start noticing wings are being bitten a lot more often.

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