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Halloween hisser care?

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My halloween hissers never burrow unless I remove all the hiding spots and start bothering them, so I only use just under an inch of coconut substrate, and I spray it just before it becomes dry, which tends to be once every one or two days since the enclosure I have them in is quite well ventilated. I also have a little bit of standing water (not deep enough for them to drown in, but I don't have nymphs) to also help with humidity.

I'm fairly new to keeping them, but they seem pretty forgiving. I've accidentally gotten it too wet and too dry before and they don't seem to care much

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I keep mine bone dry and about 85-90 degrees. They get water crystals, but only occasionally do I mist them. I keep them on a mix of coco fiber and shaved aspen (snake bedding) with A. diaperinus for clean up. 

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