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Damaged genitals after mating?

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Hiya, you guys :)

So uh... I just actually witnessed two of my A. tesselata males (in my males-only box) try to mate with each other. I actually caught some of them dancing for the other males before, but usually the other party would attack the presenting male. This time, though, the males ended up butt-to-butt (meaning the other male just rolled with it). 

One male hooked onto the other's outer butt and now his (what I assume is his) penis is just... hanging out? 

I put him in a quarantine box to hopefully give him some alone time to sort out his genitals. It's night time in Germany right now (12.30 pm) and I hope when I get up in 6 hours he'll be all good... or else I might have to mercy-kill him :(

Do you think maybe he'll be able to retract his penis properly? Or is he doomed?

Thanks in advance, as always!



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