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Sterilizing leaves


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I usually microwave mine with some water for 2 minutes. I've never experienced that... Were they dried green leaves to begin with? Mine are usually brown and slightly decayed when I grab them. They will hydrate slightly, but they've never become rubbery. More like just wet versions of what they were. How much I dry them depends on the roach species. If they can handle some humidity or moisture, I use them wet. Things dry out pretty quick in my roach room. What kind of leaves are they?

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I wonder if boiling them removed the dry brown cuticle to expose a not yet decayed layer underneath?

If I need dry leaves, I just microwave them dry. If I need moist or wet, I usually just add enough water to get them damp. Basically, I try to get the leaves close to the moisture level I need. I've found that adding the water before heating saturates better. 

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