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Spirostreptus sp. Hybridization Possibility?


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Hello all, I am working on a multi-species millipede display tank, and I have a question about possible hybridization between some Spirostreptus species. I have a large (but I don't think mature) male/female pair of Spirostreptus sp. "Green Fairy Tail". The smaller one (the male I believe) is about five-six inches, while the larger is about six-eight inches. I also have five three-four inch Spirostreptus sp. 1, or Globular Millipedes. I would like to combine both species into my display, but I don't want to breed hybrids. Does anyone have experience with either of these species or other Spirostreptus and can shed some light here?

I am not asking for advice or information based off of wholly different genera.

Many thanks,


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