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What food do your hissers really enjoy?

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Mine only seem to like fish food and apple so far, but I want to give them some variety (besides different fish foods lol). They seem to love gammarus and the flakes the most, but eventually crunch on any of the fish food I offer. Any other kind of fruits or such they seemed unimpressed by so far. 

What are the favourite foods of your hissers? 

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Orange slices seem to be the generally accepted favorite food of many roach species, hissers one of them! They also seem to love turtle hatchling food (strangely specific) and will eat cracked bird seed.

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Tried some different foods, they seem to like hazelnuts and walnuts but were unimpressed by cashews (slight nibble) and ignored almonds. Bananas seem to be a big love. A bit of fresh cauliflower got devoured quite quickly as well. 

They don't take kibble at all, so praise high protein fish food :d


Edit: Orange love confirmed. Cat food denied, haha. 

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In the summer if you have access to fresh, pesticide/herbicide free sugar maple, they'll throw you a party. Mine can't seem to get enough. They also really like apple, grapes and beetle jelly. For protein, I supplement with alfalfa meal, fish flakes and walnuts. 

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