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Anisolampra panfilovi

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Does anyone know what enviroment they live in? In leafs or stones? Average temperature? Is there a winter season in their habitat?

All I know is they are semiaquatic. But i have 8 adults and they don´t go to water. Maybe nymfs only?

Please for any advice.


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I'd keep them very humid with a moderate amount of ventilation, with lots of bark hides and leaf litter. Keep them at around 74-80F°, feed them lots of fruits in addition to something like dog kibble, and they will likely breed OK. 

The thing with most semi-aquatic Epilamprids is that they don't HAVE to be given a semi-aquatic setup, just keep the substrate pretty humid and it'll be fine. If you do give them water, it MUST be flowing water, still, standing water gets stagnant and dirty very easily and makes most Epilamprids sick!

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2 hours ago, Betta132 said:

Never kept them, but they look really neat. Where did you get them? 

In Czech republic is only one generally known expert and breeder of cockroaches. From him. He probably imported, I´m not sure.

But he told me: "Very damp, I won't say anything more :D " He breed this species in two box, but only in one did they breed. He doesn't know why.

He is the only one to breed them.

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Odd, but yeah just keep them very humid and warm, with lots of bark and leaf litter, feed them lots of fruits, and they will probably breed pretty well... Don't try to keep them in a "semi-aquatic" enclosure!  

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