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How big are newborn hisser nymphs?

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I can't seem to find an answer anywhere oddly enough, but how big are the nymphs of Gromphadorhina protentosa/oblongonota? I have hybrid hissers and I'd like to know if the ventilation holes in my container are escape proof.


I recently got L. verrucosa (just a bit more than half the size of my hissers) nymphs from the females and they are ridiculously tiny, but they can't climb smooth surfaces so I don't worry about them. 

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I've never kept Hissers personally (though hope to do so soon), so take my answer with a grain of salt. However, I found some answers online. According to this source, they start at 1/4 of an inch, but according to this other source, it's 1/2 of an inch. Hopefully somebody with more experience with Hissers can give you better info, since there seems to be a bit of contradictory info online. 

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More important than their size is their ability to squeeze through really tight openings, 

so the lid of the box you keep the roaches inside should close absolute dense.

Or in the case of a glas terrarium there can be gaps, mostly between the door glasses or 

between front window and upper glass.


I had G.oblongonata in a big box with another big box above of it, usually there also

had been one or two plants on top of the upper box. 

I had perpetual problems with little nymphs who made it over the vaseline stripe and 

then squeezed through lid and box.


It is some years in the past that I cared for the big hisser species, but when I remember right 

the N1 had 9-10mm in body length.


Greetings, Marco

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I use Zip-Loc weathertite tubs for my thousands and thousands of Hissers....recently Sterilite came out with a similar product, not as well built but taller which I like. They have a blue dense foam seal around the underside of the lid edge which keep the little ones from sneaking out.


I once made the mistake of keeping Hissers in a Exo Terra glass tank....it was an awesome display with natural features that grabbed a lot of attention at the reptile shows I vend at.....I quickly learned the babies could fit through the crack(s) between the glass doors....they are very slender and flat, quite difficult to pick up with your fingers unless you can flip them upside down. I use a plastic spoon to scoop them off linoleum floors.


Oh yeah....(if you keep Hissers you are a full fledged "Roach Wrangler") I sing to them and try VERY hard not to jar the tubs I keep them in....the adults aren't that fast and easily tracked down, the babies are scatterbugs….my wife wasn't too pleased when one time at least 200-300 tiny ones escaped when I knocked over a temporary holding tub....I used her vacuum to catch 'em all....lesson learned.....just like the cowboys sing to their steer keeping the herd relaxed on the range, you got to keep those bugs soothed....

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