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Curious if anyone in the U.S. is currently keeping these species:

Euthyrrhapha pacifica (Pacific Two-spot Roach)

Eucorydia aenea dasytoids (Taiwanese Flower Roach)

Panesthia sp.


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@Bmaines96 Has Panesthia methinks, the other two are not currently being kept in the US, though FINALLY E.pacifica is in the European hobby at least... 

Also Eucorydia aenea and Eucorydia dasytoides are considered different species now, and unfortunately E.dasytoides is not being kept in the US hobby anymore... 

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Thanks for the info! Just updating my wishlist, but I didn't want to get my hopes up only to find out that I can't have them. 😉 Of course P. magnifica weren't available when I started and they finally got here, so you never know... 

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