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Any Dangers with Starting a Colony from Household Pests?

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I caught a Periplaneta americana, and I had read that Periplaneta nymphs were especially good for feeding amblypygi. The one I caught was running wild in my house, and while I obviously know most roaches are not the germ-infested monsters people portray them to be, don't household pests carry some diseases? If this is true, then would starting a colony from the adults I catch in my house be a bad idea? Would the human diseases persist in the colony?

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I don't think they actually carry human diseases. I was always under the impression that they might have germs on them if they'd recently run across garbage, thereby picking up garbage-related germs, some of which are harmful to humans. I don't think it's like mosquitos where human diseases can breed in them.

I could be wrong, though.

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I got a few that got into my dubia's bin and noticed at least 14-16, I changed my dubia's egg flats recently but I did not clean the whole container otherwise I would've killed em in the spot cause those things can ruin your home if you get infested so I'll clean the container next time they need new egg flats and to your question I doubt they'd harm you unless you let them touch/walk in your mouth/eyes as long as the roaches don't get to your face you'll be okay but I wouldn't keep those inside my home perhaps a shed in the backyard or a treehouse would do in case some escape flying they won't eat your food and bite your wires/clothes

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