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Can I use an air freshener with roaches?

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yeaaaahhhh most people wouldnt mind if the room scents killed the roaches in their houses lmao. the old fashion hairspray technique fails many who try. 

i personally just dont spray room spray or cologes/deodorants in my room (for other reasons than the roaches but still) but im pretty well known for my paranoid tendencies. if i do spray something, i move my hissers and their enclosure out of the room. some may say thats overkill, i say i dont need another dead roach induced depressive episode rn lmao. 

i didnt burn candles or use wax melts in my room for a long time for this same reason. sometimes i burn those little unscented tea light candles bc candlelight is easier on my eyes but i still dont like to. the roaches are on the far side of my room and the wax melter is all the way on the other side. it doubles as a lamp so sometimes i just have it on for an hour or two and sometimes its on all night. i havent noticed any changes in their behaviors or activities with or without the wax melts. 

i dont typically do my nightly pain relief in my room anyway, but i used to sit by one of the windows that is where ive kept my roaches. i just dont smoke in my room at all bc i dont want everything in it to reak but i dont want them around smoke. plenty of my friends have hotboxed their apartment bathrooms just to find tons of american roaches dead on the floor the next time they go to clean it. 

i think of it just like for all pets, no matter what kind of animal, they shouldnt be breathing in random crap. us too, but humans gonna human. 

if you have a colony or multiple colonies, you might need to make some sacrifices for the greater good and test it out by having some in the space while you out the rest somewhere else (or put the few somewhere else with the air freshener). id test it with the door open for awhile first, then maybe try it with the door closed too. if they are your pets id honestly keep looking for alternatives before i take a leap of faith and try it with them.

maybe try one of those carbon air filter thingys, i know they help with smell a lot on a smaller scale. dont know what kind of smells you dont want to be smelling, but small ones work for smoke smells and i know someone who puts little ones in his shoes to remove the gym smell, so maybe a big one would help? even if its roach related smells, it could help.

im in a talkative mood today (if you cant tell lmao) so i hope any of this was helpful

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On 11/11/2019 at 8:19 PM, proserpina said:

As the title implies, I am wondering if plug-in air fresheners such as those made by Febreeze or Glade are safe to use with roaches, specifically hissers. They would be used in the same room the hissers are being kept in. I have tried to find any insect-safe fresheners but have had no luck.

I don’t know of this will help,  it my girlfriend vapes in the same room I keep my roaches, much to my surprise, and although it was unsettling at first, there have been no negative results as far as we can tell so far. It’s been about 6 months since I first found out she was vaping in their room. My roaches are still eating, breeding, and acting all around as they should. I would prefer she doesn’t do it around them, but sometimes she forgets and it happens. I’m sure an air freshener is chemically very different from a vape, but it acts in a similar fashion, spreading scented liquids around via the air. Just don’t overdo it if you do attempt anything, and keep up with the research. I would really like to know this for myself too.

Tl/dr; Because air fresheners are usually antibacterial, I would assume it’s not safe, however nicotine / all the other crap that’s in a vape probably aren’t great choices either, and our roaches are seemingly fine with that. It’s your call. 

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