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Rhyparobia maderae roach (possibly roaches?) free, need new home

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Last year, I accidentally brought back half a dozen Madeira roaches on a pig skull I got in Hawaii. I have one confirmed, healthy adult, unsexed, but I haven't seen any others in awhile. I've been keeping them fed and watered, I have no reason to assume they'd be dead, but I sure haven't seen them. So, no guarantees, BUT, 

I'm looking for a new home for however many of these I have. I have chronic fatigue issues and need to downsize my critter collection. 

The deal is, I'll mail you what I have. The adult, and all the substrate from their enclosure, in case there are any in that. If I find any loose in my house (there've been a couple escapes), I'll send those as well. I'll cover shipping. Continental US only, and check your local laws to be sure I can send you roaches. I'd prefer someone with a little experience in roach-keeping, though these shouldn't be difficult. One moist corner, give them fruit and dog food on a regular basis, and they like to hide on and behind vertical structures. 

In exchange, if there's enough in here that they breed, you send me a culture of them once you have enough going that you're willing to spare some. 

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