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Small sized feeders


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So I have some mantids now and I plan on breeding them, and fruit flies are sort of a hassle to deal with. I want a species of roach that has relatively small nymphs(around the size of hydei fruit flies) but also reproduce quickly. Climbing/burrowing isn’t really of importance since I prefer to hand feed and ensure that my pets actually consume the prey items I give them. I already have red runners but incubating ooths is already too much of a hassle. I was thinking of either the little kenyans or a pycnoscelus sp. As of right now the pycnoscelus appeals to me the most since they reproduce fast and will eat almost anything I give them, but I’m not sure how small the hatchlings and smaller nymphs are. The little kenyans seem more viable due to their small size but from what I’ve heard it takes a while for them to get established and when they do, growth isn’t really exponential. Plus they take a while to mature for such a small species. Which one seems like a better choice? Are there any other species I’m missing?

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Compsodes schwarzi are basically as close as you can get to fruit flies as far as readily available feeders go, easier to rear and quite prolific if set up correctly, I'd recommend them for sure. @Bmaines96 sells them, though he's more active on Facebook.

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Because I hav limited vision/legally blind, it might not be a good idea for me to consider keeping these species, maybe?

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