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Run down from the sales part?

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Posted by Rookie on 7/16/2007, 7:30 pm

If i were to try and sell roaches, what are the most popular and easiest to sell, most interest?

I know I would have to find out my population base (ie - food for fish, amphibians, bird food, pets,) but I want to get a general feeling about it.

And if you have any ideas about selling roaches, or what you would want from a seller.

Again, I am just thinking about it because I see so much of it as a hobby. And my counts are already getting up there. Thanks.

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Posted by Matt K on 7/17/2007, 11:15 am, in reply to "Run down from the sales part?"

Selling roaches seems to be very much a break even business at best and usually just a way to slow the loss of cash. Most sellers only do it to help support thier own hobby interests... and is alot easier if you have a well-paying day job!

That being said, you should Google each person/business you find selling roaches and see where they post and what they sell. That should give you what you need to figure it out....after all it is a fun way to throw money into the wind.

First hurdle: You have to convince 10's of 1000's of cricket buyers that roaches are not any more "icky" and "gross" than the crix already are. Figure that out and then worry about what types of roach to sell....

I personally love keeping roaches. But there are several people I know who wont come to my house because they know I have them and are 'freaked out' by them.... perception is everything.

Just 2 cents worth.


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Posted by Rookie on 7/18/2007, 7:46 pm, in reply to "Re: Run down from the sales part?"

You are right, thanks.

I was just thinking about it as a "throw my money away" hobby. I lose at gambling so I will think about this.

I also have all the mealworms, waxworms, kingworms, earthworms and manure worms. All for my fish. But this spring I built a new and improve wood 'incubator' and all the things are growing rapidly.

I enjoy watching my fish destoy the roaches and worms though.

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