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Importing roaches

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5 hours ago, TheIvory said:

I’m wanting to impost roaches from a European country, but I don’t know the requirements and legal hurtles to import them, if anyone could help with advice, that Would be great!, I’m planning on importing pure blood hisser. And a few others 

It seems highly unlikely you'd get pure blooded hissers from overseas since the only really old stocks from the 1960's are in the US. More importantly you cannot get permits to import them and if you import them without permits you risk fines and imprisonment. We're all about regulations in North America.

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There are just as many, if not more hybrid hissers being kept overseas, it's easier to find pure stock of many species here in the US than it is in the EU for example... There's really only one pure Gromphadorhina species/strain that's being bred with any regularity in the EU that we don't have, (however the purity of said cultures is being called into question, it's possible oblongonota got mixed in somewhere along the line), and one Princisia color morph which may no longer exist as pure stock either. 

You're better off looking for reputable dealers here in the US claiming to have pure stock, that can verify their purity with recent pictures of their colonies, lineage tracing, etc...

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