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Male vs. Female nymph examples?

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I'm trying to sex my G. portentosa nymphs by looking at their abdomenal segments, but I'm struggling. Either all seven of these nymphs are males, or I'm doing something wrong. I see in a lot of close-up pictures of hissing cockroach abdomens, there's a little "tail" after all of the segments, and I'm wondering if I'm confusing that "tail" for a final small segment on some of them, but I can't find any examples specifically of nymphs that outline that. 

I was  hoping someone might be able to post pictures of their own nymphs to show me what to look for on nymphs specifically, so that I can compare that to mine? I tried just getting pictures of mine to upload here, but unfortunately my phone camera really doesn't work well so none of them were clear enough. 

On top of all of this, I also lost a nymph in this whole process, so now I'm down from my 8 nymph brood to 7, which I'm bummed about. I'm hoping by some miracle I'll be able to find the little guy tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath. 

Anyway, thanks in advance for some nymph pics! 

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I'll try to get a clear shot of the segments on my hissers if I can. It can be a bit difficult with younger nymphs, but if you have a trained eye it can be a bit easier to notice the smaller segments on males. I've done that a lot in the past, and have misidentified females as males. 

Also hope your lost hisser shows up. I've had hissers escape before, but I've usually found most of the bigger ones. Might just be luck though. 

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No problem, hopefully you have a female if the pics helped a bit, and you're able to identify them better since they've grown.  

That's unfortunate, but sometimes it happens. I've lost all types of roaches myself. Sometimes you find them alive, some times you don't. 

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