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Paranauphoeta formosana Care

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I keep this species. I have them in a 19L container with plenty of ventilation and temps in the low 80°F range. I try to keep the substrate moist, but since I have good airflow and additional heat, it tends to dry quick. A good watering once or twice a week works for me. They can handle dry conditions, but I've had success keeping and breeding them more humid with good ventilation. 

My substrate consists of coconut fiber, cypress mulch, and spagnum moss with a nice layer of leaf litter on top for cover. They can be a shy species so good hides like cork bark/wood pieces are a must. 

I feed mine mainly apple/carrot/fish flake, but they don't seem to eat a ton at first.  Once you get a larger colony of course they will consume more. I'm sure they'll eat other things, but those are just my staples. Also I may have a group or two up for grabs if you'd like to give them a chance. 

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