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Red runner vs Dubia


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Hi there folks 

This is my first post, hope it works OK! 


Im feeding my juvenile chameleon with both red runner and dubia roaches. He seems to prefer the red runners slightly more. Is there much difference in them, as in their nutritional value? 

The roaches don't seem to be eating that much! I feed them with shredded carrots, roach chow, apples and fruit pots along with water sponges. 


One last but important thing to mention. My cat developed a sneeze around 2 weeks ago. This started one week after the roaches arrived. Could she be allergic to them, I know humans can be? Just a thought. 


Thanks for any help you can give me on the above matters. 


Mark UK 

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Hello, welcome to the forum!

I am not familiar with the specific nutritional values of B. dubia vs. B. lateralis, but considering how many people use strictly B. lateralis for their specimens it can't be significant enough to pose a problem.

What temperature are you keeping them at? Roaches will eat less if kept at cooler temperatures.

The last question I do not know; I suppose it's possible?


Hope this helps,


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