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Cave roach lifestyle questions

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I have been fascinated with the species of cockroaches that are found living in caves for a very long time. I currently have Eublaberus serranus and E. “Ivory”(in the mail). I am curious if anyone has any information or can direct me to where information can be read and researched about this particular environment for cockroaches. I am not referring to the species of cockroaches that live deep into the caves where they have evolved into eyeless and pigmentless creatures. 
   How deep are they usually found in the caves? Are they always found in association with bats? Are they dependent on life in the cave or can also be found in the areas around the exterior of the cave? It may be that These questions are different depending on the species. What species are known to truly inhabit caves?

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For some time I have been putting away the Eublaberus "ivory" nymphs in plastic boxes with a deep substrate. My idea is to give them more protein and isolate them from the adults to see if they grow faster. I found them at the bottom of the box which was about 20 cm deep. I don't know if that will help. 

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