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Exotics Lover Getting Into Inverts!

Ghost Mouse

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Hi everybody! Thank you for letting me in the forum. 

I've loved and kept creatures my whole life long and am currently working on a book about DIY enclosures and habitats. I've always loved "buggos" (a term I use deliberately to separate it from the true bugs taxonomical grouping, because I mean the more colloquial, "any small invertebrate" use of the word-- plus I mean, it's kind of cute right?) but until recently have never thought to keep them beyond a few hours to a few days of observation before setting them free again. 

It was a perfect storm. AntsCanada on YouTube, mantises at a reptile expo... and then one day, I found a newly mated queen ant, and long story short I have a hibernating ant queen in an elaborate formicarium I made, a P audax jumping spider in an even more elaborate jar terrarium, and three tarantula slings. 

I actually started looking into cockroaches because of food for my tarantulas and also my not-yet-hatched crested gecko that a friend is gifting me. I was leery at first because I didn't want any potential escapees to cause a problem in the house and was hoping they don't reek like crickets do. I have my buffalo beetle colony and they are well contained, quiet, and not stinky. But I don't feel they're enough nutrition without anything else on offer so I began to look at dubias... 

And then I saw them. 

You guys. 

Guys there are cockroaches that are brightly colored and iridescent jewel beetle lookin friends.




I must one day own some P magnifica. They are SO COOL. I mean I was looking for golden tortoise beetles but nevermind those, JEWEL. COCKROACHES. I'm in love. 

So anyway now I just kind of want to learn more about roach keeping in general and am happy to be here! 

Enjoy a photo of my fave terrarium as a payment for reading all that nonsense lol. No critters yet but is about to be home to a pair of dart frogs. Ignore the carrot and cabbage bits, those are for the isopods. I hekkin' love isopods. 


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Hi and Welcome! Seems we have similar interests as I also started with ants few years ago, and which then led to roaches !

Now, i am digging deeper into the roach world 😁

I would recommend the book ”for the love of cockroaches” from Orin McMonigle as a good starting point.


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