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so my hisser was pregnant. oh god help

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alright so i've been keeping 2 female hissers as pets for about 2 months now. i probably should have accounted for the possibility they'd send a pregnant one but woops i didn't. i just bought a bigger terrarium since the one i have now definitely can't hold like 30 roaches. my family doesn't want me to keep them long term, so im wondering what i should do with them? would anyone on here be interested in buying them?

any nymph caretaking advice would be appreciated too! they're so cute and i want to make sure they're all ok. i've never had to take care of cockroach nymphs before so it's all very new to me and i'm a little bit terrified. thanks!

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You should try to raise them as long as possible, stating to your family that you haven't been able to find a buyer yet and you dont want to kill them because they are worth each x amount of money. ­čśü

Maybe one day they will already get used to them ­čśë

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Care is the same as for adults, though they may dry out a bit easier, also nymphs are fantastic escape artists, so make sure you have an airtight lid, and that there's no ventilation holes big enough for them to escape from. 

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