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Ergaula Capucina Care

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Hi everyone. 
A few weeks back I got a batch of Ergaula Capucina (when picking up my bearded dragon). A lot of babies and from what I could tell maybe 4 adults? The guy gave some to me as a second feeder colony, I have a colony of Blaptica Dubia but its very early days; 2-3 months. I haven’t been using my colony as feeders as a result.
Anyways. He gave them to me and told me close to nothing about their care. He simply said they would be fine in a box with a bit of soil (that i’m to keep moist) and some carrots for moisture. Is that true? 
I tried to but failed to find any credible or useful information on their care aside from the absolute basics. So I have decided to ask here as this site always pops up when I search about roaches!
I initially was going to use them as feeders but the more I have searched about them and other roaches...the more reluctant I have become. I’m not sure if I want to use them as feeders or not yet. Would that in any way impact their care? Either way I would really appreciate any and all kinds of information on them. 
What I’m interested in; temperature, humidity, substrate, food, enclosure size, how long does it take for them to breed, how to sex them (are they a dimorphic/parthenogenetic species?), can they climb/fly, do they make good or bad feeders etc

Thank you very much!

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Like most Coridiinae, they lay ootheca, which lie relatively long. Nymphs also develop slowly, therefore, they are not profitable as food. The maintenance is very simple - a layer of peat or coconut sawdust of 5 cm must be kept moist. Food - carrots and food for cats or dogs.

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