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Hi I'm looking to start a hissing roach collection. I want the genes to be a pure as possible, Here's a list of the species i'm searching for.


Gromphadorhina oblonganota - wide horn hisser
Gramphadorhina grandidieri - tiger hisser
Princisia vanwaerebeki - vibrant hisser
Elliptorhina laevigata - v horn hisser
Elliptorhina  davidi - bumpy hisser
Aeluropoda insignis - flat horn hisser

If you can add any species to this list please do, I want to collect as many species as possible

If you or someone you know can can supply me with these species please pm me.

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Has anyone heard from Kyle?  He has left blog notes on roach crossing, but for a long time no one has heard from him.

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