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What ARE these things? Springtails? Mites? Gnats?

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Sorry for the bad picture, but I was checking on my Gyna roach colony today and I notice these little bugs running around under the cork bark I gave them. They found them hanging around the dish of alfalfa/spirulina and they dig into the substrate when exposed to light. 

I thought they might be springtails at first since I have springtail cultures going in different colonies but their shapes look a bit different to me. Their movements seem a bit sporadic for them to be mites too? Does anyone know what these are?674C2E18-A644-487D-B4DE-D39FF9899046.thumb.jpeg.38e7c1f8ba94e7d74a2d1391139ff070.jpeg


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Given the elongate shape I'm inclined to believe they're springtails of some sort, either that or booklice (which act basically the same as springtails in enclosures, but like drier conditions).

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10 hours ago, Spread.Out.Paradise said:

Oh, interesting. In that case I'm leaning a bit more towards booklice. I've never seen them freak jump like my other springtails do (unless not all springtails jump like that?). I also purchased a bunch of old books recently, so that might have been what introduced booklice into the environment.

Yeah if they don't jump then they're probably booklice, there are springtails that can't jump or jump very poorly but those are somewhat rare in culture.

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