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Greetings fellow roach ranchers

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Well, hello. I just browsed this forum for about 10 minutes and it is definitely an EXCELLENT forum. I am glad i found it through the mantid forum.

About me? Well i had a Madagascar hisser as a kid. That was quite awhile ago. I currently have quite a few snakes, lizards and frogs. I also have 5 species of roach and 2 more on the list. I am interested in breeding roaches mainly for reptile food, although i recognize the enthusiast aspect as well.

I received my lobster roaches around feb of this year or as early as nov of last year. I will have to look.

From there i jumped on the blatta lateralis, madagascars, dubias in a month or two and discoids just 5 months ago.

I am glad to find another forum that is dedicated roaches and keeping. The health issues section is very interesting and I look forward to reading more and seeing more.

If you want to email me please go ahead. I am open to discuss blood trades, issues, and techinique

ect ect.

Roaches I have

Madagasar hissers

Blatta lateralis

lobster roaches



desired species

Giant Cave Roach ( preferably large nymphs or adults )

Peppered Roach ( still considering this one)


sugesstions? i am thinking non climbing/flying and prolific breeding with little to no smell. I have found from talking to people that the sensitivity to the bugs is an individual thin)

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I think you will find this board a great home for all your roach interests!

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