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First time breeding hissers: Please give advice

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Hi all,

I just discovered that one of my hissers is expecting.  I usually keep my males and females separate, but I must have missexed one of my females and now I have nymphs on the way.  My questions are:

How many gallons do I need for the tank?  Do I need something other than a reptile tank with a screen lid.  What else do I need to know?  I'm feeling very nervous as I wasn't quite ready to start a colony, but I think I can do this!  Any advice is welcome.

Thank you,

Crazy Bug Lady.

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After doing some additional research, and looking at every single roach in my tank, I've come to the following possible conclusions:

1. There was no male present, so the females probably came to me pregnant and have been holding their eggs until conditions were right.

2. I probably have more than one pregnant hissing roach.


I'm a bit worried that I'm going to have too many of them and would still really like some pointers on what I should do.  Thanks in advance for any help.

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I feel pretty bad that these nymphs are likely hybrids.  It was never my intention to breed, but I don't really want to euthanize the mothers, especially since I can't tell which of my females are pregnant or not.  I have sixteen females all together, four of which are subadults and I was just keeping my females by themselves.  If I don't start a colony, I would really like to rehome the twelve adult females (the four subadults are being kept separate).  Since they are a mix of wide-horn and likely hybrids, I realize that I might have to let them be feeders.  I don't really want this, but want to be responsible.  Again, any input would be welcome and appreciated either on the topic of rehoming or setting up a colony.  Please also see my add listing for the females if interested.

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