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Barrier risks

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While opening my cockroaches’ terrarium(sliding lid, it’s the CREATURES low profile) I accidentally crushed a nymph! Oh no! Again, I really hate Vaseline and want to avoid using it, can anyone recommend a way to stop this happening in the future? I love all these little dudes and I’m a little afraid to open the tank anymore. 

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Given how much Hissers climb I would not recommend a sliding lid at all. (Honestly I wouldn't recommend such lids for most roaches, I recently rehoused out of such a tank in fear of crushing nymphs). I have kept hissers without bug barrier or anything like that, and have done so either in a glass tank with a fit lid like this (with a sheet of mesh underneath the lid) or in a large foam sealed breeder bin. For the latter I will cut out the center of the lid and hot glue mesh to form a covering (ideally two layers). Depending on the bin, an additional sheet of mesh can also be placed between the lid and main enclosure. Provided you check the mesh, foam seal, and hot glue layer regularly, you shouldn't see any escapes. Hope this helps!

PS: @NonbinaryBugFiendLOVE the username😃

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