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Pseudoglomeris magnifica color morph

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So I'm finally starting my new colony now, after 3 of my 5 Nypmhs turn out male and two died before reaching adulthood!

I really love the genus and found a few posts about other color morphs (like blue) and I couldn't for the life of me find more information on them or even photos.

Does anyone keep this color moprh? Or at least got a photo of them?


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I have a huge colony (a few thousands) of this species and can attest that there are a few bluish females in there, as opposed to the more common green ones. Seems like in every generation a few of these come out, maybe it's similar to the Gyna lurida yellow females. Not sure if the morph can be isolated. 

If you don't mind the FB link, you can see one at 0:43 in this video I took:


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