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Wide Horn Hisser growth question

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Hello, I bought 3 wide horn hissers from Bugs in Cyber Space in November. Great Place. They were all nymphs.  I placed them in the same aquarium setting. They have their choice of many different types of food like dog food, fish food, turtle food, roach food, carrots, and other vegies. And one was growing at twice the size. And is still bigger then the rest. I assume they are all female, because I do not see the horns on any of them. Have you ever had a roach from the same batch grow bigger. Just curious. Unless its eating straight dog food all the time. :)    The only thing I can think of is the other 2 are males, but I don't see horns on them.   Kind of cool to think she is much bigger, and will isolate her later with a male for breeding.

If you have a male wide horn hisser you want to part with, let me know. 

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