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Strangest Roach Behaviors You've Experienced

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The first thing that pops into your head - whether it be from a species or individual.

Mine is the Simandoas I am keeping quite literally hiding food. And I don't mean just moving it away from where I put it. I mean full on hiding large bits of chow under moss, leaves, cricket gel dishes - so it takes FOREVER to find. Never experienced this with any other Blattids I've worked with (and that's 14 species). Curious if others have...

How about everyone else? Any unexpected behaviors that belong in the books?

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I was very surprised when I noticed my Eurycotis lixa scratching their backs on objects in their enclosure, similar to cats. 😅 I might have observed the same behavior with other species too, but that's what pops to the top of my head.

I was also quite bewildered when my Blaberus species hissed at me for the first time, without having read about the behavior prior. 

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