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Macropanesthia rhinoceros - mature already?

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My pair of Rhino roaches may or may not have matured recently, it seems too soon but after a recent molt I'm seeing adult coloration and the male has a noticeable scoop.

Both are around the same age, being born in SpringĀ (April/June) 2019 or so. Looking at pics the male seems most likely to be mature, not sure about the female.

Does it seem like I have a few molts to go or should I cross my fingers for nymphs in the next year or so?

Here's the male


Sorry for quality but the scoop is pretty obvious.


Here's a quick snap of the female


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  • scottbot84 changed the title to Macropanesthia rhinoceros - mature already?

yeah he seems like a smaller male, especially given his maturity time. Female definitely changed color last molt, it's been much more of a "candy apple" red, initially I thought it was just due to a fresh molt.

She might have another molt or two, I'm not sure.

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