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Hi! I have recently got 4 madagascan hissing cockroaches housed with 2 Halloween hissing cockroaches. I have researched their care extensively and I believe I am caring for them well. 

Is it normal for them to be barley seen? They spend all of their time under their corkbark hiding. I'm not sure how active they should be or how to know if they are healthy. They have some carrot and orange and bug gel for food/water in there and I have seen a few of them eat. 

My room is warm and humid but do I needd to be spraying them often? I'm also worried about pesticides on vegetables, am I okay to be giving them normal veggies from the store? 

I'm a worried beginner and thought someone may be able to help put my mind at ease. 


- T

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I usually just stick with apple slices but residual pesticides shouldn't be so high on edible produce. They are mostly nocturnal so only use one large piece of bark and angle the bark against the side of the cage so they can feel they are hiding and you can see them.

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Hissers's favorite activity is sitting around and doing nothing, especially during the day and during cooler temperatures. Sometimes they are also pretty lazy about eating. If you only have a few, they might stay hidden a good bit. On the other hand, they seem to like to climb a bit, so if you have a perch for them to climb on instead of a bark slab for them to hide under, then you might see them chilling on their perch more.

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