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Can Immature Hissers Have Babies?

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Hi everyone!

Has anyone seen or do you know if a Madagascar hissing cockroach can become "pregnant" before their final molt? An adult of mine just had her nymphs some days ago (so cute!) and now I notice that my juvenile female looks very round, like my adult did for so long. I've been assuming she was getting ready for a last molt (since she is all black and doesn't have adult hisser coloration yet), but now I'm wondering if another 30 or so nymphs could be on their way...

Thank you!


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They can only breed once they have had their final molt.  She may be an adult, as some have color variations and she may just be an all black hisser.  There really isn't a specific "adult coloration".  She also may just be a small adult female, or she could just be fat, it happens!  :)

Good Luck!

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I just got hissers, so have this to look forward to.  Hopefully things will go sommthly for all of them as nature does what nature does.

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