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Weight of Periplaneta americana, Blattella germanica, Blaberus discoidalis and Eublaberus posticus?

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Hi all,

I'm looking for some roach stats. I'm mostly finding dimensions, but I would also like information on weight of Periplaneta americana, Blattella germanica, and Blaberus discoidalis. Thanks in advance if anyone has some estimates or data here.

I added Eublaberus posticus to the title so interested people might see this, but I've actually got that one covered. If anyone wants to know, I'm looking at an average of 3.39 grams ± 0.79 g std, range of (1.54, 4.86). This is from one sample with 80 roaches. I have some other data sets I might add to this later if anyone else really just loves data like I do.

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