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Allpet roaches by O.Mc and R.willis


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According to the book allpet roaches PAS is another specie and PAA also. Now base from what I see and what I get from the wild PAA when it matures it turns out to have wings which the PAS also have. So is it clear that when the PAA matures its is not called as PAA its PAS already? hope to see some clarifications thanks!

*PAA- Panesthia angustipennis angustipennis

*PAS- Panesthia angustipennis spadica

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They are different subspecies, not different species.

Panesthia angustipennis angustipennis -nymphs have four orange spots as depicted in book.

Panesthia angustipennis spadica - nymphs are solid black.

There are likely some taxonomic papers online for this species and the various subspecies designations.

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The book is small but great! I love the color photos of the roach species! The book is easy to read and understand, and the way it's written is easy enough for even a novice to understand. Plus it covers most of the questions for raising roaches.

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