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Halloween hissers as feeders? Pros and cons?

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Hi all, new to the board and enjoying looking into this hobby!

So, I've read that hissers are bad feeders due to their tough exoskeletons and sharp spines on their legs, but does this apply to Halloween hissers as well? It seems like they may be "milder", with less armor and smaller spines. I'm thinking of keeping some as pets, and controlling the population by feeding them off to my T's and blue tongue skink.

Also, I currently keep dubias, but their tendency to burrow can be annoying, forcing me to crush their heads before feeding. They also tend to freeze up when they sense danger, making for lackluster feeding responses. Would Halloween hisser nymphs/adults be less likely to burrow into substrate and/or freeze?

Appreciate any experience you guys have to share!


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