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Plectoptera poeyi (Florida Beetle Roach)

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I am SO psyched to be working with these adorable little roaches from Florida, Plectoptera poeyi! They are thought to be beetle mimics, and certainly look the part with their rotund shape and straight outer wing seams. This species is very very uncommonly sighted, and even less commonly cultured, apparently they are of a similar difficulty level to Chorisoneura texensis, but more moisture loving. They are very small as well, around 8 mms or so just eyeballing it, haven't actually measured them yet. Fingers crossed they do well for me, I received one male and two females, and one of the females is already producing an ooth! :D








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40 minutes ago, Randomjoe said:

They look awesome good Luck

Thanks, I hope they do well for me! :D

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Well my adults are still alive and have been going to town laying oothecae, and I already found hatchlings in their deli cup the other day! :D Don't have any pics of the nymphs yet since they are just under a mm long and great climbers, but I did get some pictures of the oothecae last week:




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36 minutes ago, AmateurEntomologist said:

Another US native micro roach?! ooh la la

Hopefully you will have continued success with them.  

I know right, love the micro species, even if these ones are more of a pain to rear. 😅

Thanks, I hope so too! :D

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