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Euphyllodromia sp. from Costa Rica ??

Matt K

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I've seen pictures of species in that genus, really nice. What kind of behavior did they have in the wild? Day active?

Kind of odd, really. They would be found on the tops of plants 1 meter off the soil in the early day but not in the morning so much as lunch time to mid afternoon. They are fast runners/climbers, and extremely agile fliers as well. Then early evening they settle down and you wont see any until about 3 hours after dark. At this time they come out of hiding again and very slowly climg around, often found near drips of water or near bromeliads. It was like they feed during the day and drink at night.

Also, under the damp moss you may find in the same area the nymphs which look like this:


I took alot of time to examine these in particular as I really liked the roach. The adults and nymphs would typically be found in thier own "zone", so either youwould find none, or if you found one you could find a dozen within 20 meters or so. It is like they have an aeriel (<sp?) colony of sorts.

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