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Gyna lurida Yellow? Yes, yellow!

Matt K

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I have some that are more golden yellow and others that are a bright canary yellow. Sorry for the poor quality... they were on the run - fast- and I am not today....


and this one with some peach colors:


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Amazing colors on those guys, how big are they? Look pretty wide too.

About an inch to an inch and 3/8ths. Some of them (females) seem to be pretty wide and it makes them look bigger than they are. These are all from a strain that I got from Orin, who has been selectively breeding the yellows for some time. What amazes me is not so much that they are yellow, as that they are very different yellows. Some more golden while others look painted with a bizarre bright yellow. I am going to continue Orins effort by tossing out as many browns as I can tolerate and keep any that exhibit some yellow.

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