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Enclosure Suggestions? (Newbie Here)


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Hey all! I'm pretty new to roaches and was wondering what enclosures you guys use for climbing/flying roaches?

I'm currently using 32oz deli cups, but I know those won't last long once the roaches start breeding. At the moment I have G. portentosa hybrids, lobsters, and little Kenyans. I've considered plastic bins as well, but many of the airtight ones seem to be very pricey. For the same reasons, I am trying to avoid glass aquariums. What do you guys use?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!



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@coinbuttonI have seen people use plastic cereal storage containers for panchlora species. I haven't personally been able to keep any climbers or fliers so I haven't looked specifically for enclosures but they worked for other people so if you can find some and add ventilation they should work.

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There are a few options. You could use sterilite gasket bins and drill small holes in the lid for ventilation, but these don't allow for easy viewing of your roaches. You could use extra large kritter keepers with a 1-2 inch, thin layer of vaseline or other roach barrier along the top inside edge. And you could use frost cloth or paper towel in between the lid and the enclosure. You said you are trying to avoid glass aquariums but I actually think they work well, just use the barrier and/or cloth method. A 5-10 gallon aquarium should be able to house plenty of lobsters and little kenyans. You can sometimes find cheap enclosures second hand as well. None of the species you mentioned are capable of flying off the ground so you don't have to worry about that but a frost cloth or fine mesh under the lid would prevent flight escapes as well if you get better fliers.

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