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Postultimate Molt

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It seems like every time I get a colony of Byrsotria sp. colony going, the first generation of babies always has some weird individuals pop up, like gynandromorphs or females with long wings. This time, an adult female Byrsotria cabrerai attempted a post ultimate molt.

At first glance, it looks like an adult female that emerged deformed. However, the tergites of the old adult exoskeleton can be seen flaking off (I pulled off several before I took the picture but have them and the specimen preserved.)



The weird blob is the brood pouch, which is often extended in individuals with similar deformities.

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Wait, so an adult roach was molting? That is the oddest thing I have ever heard of! Did the new body look any different than the original adult body, was it any larger, different color? If a roach could pull that off, they would live so much longer!

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